Could Your Book Cover Be Hurting Your Sales
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Could Your Book Cover Be Hurting Your Sales?


Could Your Book Cover Be Hurting Your Sales Source: BookBub

First impressions are everything and book covers are no different. A bad cover can hurt a book’s sales more than anything. Here are five examples of what separates a bad cover from one that will sell your book.

From the original article:
“Before launching Sterling & Stone in 2011, we were a trio of indie authors, and our early years were filled with missteps. We wrote furiously, churning out more than 2 million words per year. All those drafts needed to be made into books, but at the start we only had so much time, help, and money. So we did the best we could on our own, including designing most of our covers in-house.

We figured “good enough” was good enough. It wasn’t.”

As this article points out, while it is tempting to piece together your own cover- don’t give in to temptation just to save some money. As with having your manuscript edited by a professional, it is just as important to have your cover done by a professional as well.

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