Five Tips On How To Find And Hire An Editor

Five Tips On How To Find And Hire An Editor


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While it is tempting for authors to either edit their manuscript themselves or use an application or browser add-on to check for spelling and grammar errors, nothing replaces having an actual human editor. But how do you evaluate a potential editor for your work?

From the original article:
“Book editing is both subjective and not. There are rules, and yet the rules of writing are often intentionally broken. You want to find someone who knows the rules, who will fix the writing, and who’s flexible enough to know that voice is sacrosanct, and that editing out colloquialisms, slang, and humor is a no-no (unless it’s overdone or not working, that is).”

Hiring an editor can be tough. This article does a great job of helping you access what you might want to look for in an editor along with how to plan out your editor hiring process.

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