How To Use LinkTree To Drive Book Sales

How To Use LinkTree To Drive Book Sales


Source: Lipstick & Pixels

Instagram is a tool authors typically utilize to connect with their fans with photos and the like. But the problem is, if someone is interested in learning more about the author or their releases, there is only one link available to them in the author’s profile. That’s a problem as illustrated below:

From the original article:
“Usually, you would post about a product, service or a new blog post and would direct your readers to your Bio. Problem is, your Bio can only have ONE link. This means that each time you are posting something new and want to direct your followers to take some action, you must exchange your link.”

This is where LinkTree comes in. LinkTree is a service which allows you to create a profile where you can add multiple links. Once you do this, you can then add the link for your LinkTree profile to your Instagram profile. This article walks you through how to do this in easy to understand steps. With the growing popularity of Instagram, using LinkTree gives you another way to not only grow your audience but increase your book sales.

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