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Hello and thank you for your interest in our marketing opportunities for Paranormal Romance authors!

As some of you may know, Be A Paranormal Romance Writer is a sister site of Paranormal Romance Lovers– a website devoted to Paranormal Romance fiction.

Via the popular Paranormal Romance Lovers newsletter service, we offer Paranormal Romance authors affordable and effective marketing opportunities which you can learn more about below.

You can contact us with any questions you may have regarding any of our services.

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Newsletter Service

We currently offer two different newsletters which go out to our dedicated mailing list: PNR Deals Newsletter and Author Spotlight Newsletter.

The PNR Deals Newsletter is a weekly newsletter which only promotes books priced between free and $2.99US. Our other newsletter, the Author Spotlight Newsletter is a newsletter dedicated to one author- you!

You can learn more about both newsletters below.


PNR Deals Newsletter


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Our popular PNR Deals Newsletter features books priced between FREE and $2.99US. Your submission may be any of the following:
– New Release
– Pre-Order
– On sale
– Box Set / Collection



Each listing in the PNR Deals Newsletter can include:

– Your book cover
– A synopsis under 50 words
– Links where your book can be downloaded or purchased including Free in KU and audio book links
– The price your book will be when the newsletter goes out
– The beginning and end dates for your sale (to help create urgency)
– If your book is on sale, you can include the regular price to show how much the potential buyer will be saving
– A link to your Amazon Author Page or the front page of your website (can lead to newsletter signups!)
– Up to 2 review quotes for your book

Other marketing options includes social media promotion of your book and including a link to your newsletter signup page!

This newsletter goes out on Fridays.

You can learn more about the newsletter or submit your book using the link below.

PNR Deals Newsletter Submission Form

Interested in seeing what one of our PNR Deals Newsletters looks like? Click here to view one of our latest editions


Author Spotlight Newsletter



The Author Spotlight newsletter is a newsletter solely dedicated to one author- you!

This newsletter is a great marketing tool for promoting yourself, your social media accounts, your newsletter, website, and up to four of your books! Many authors have used this newsletter to promote a series sale with great results!

You can specify if your book(s) are available for pre-order, on sale, or for free! If your book(s) is on sale, you can also list when the sale ends which can lead to even more sales due to urgency.

We send this newsletter out on Thursdays.

You can learn more about this newsletter by clicking the link below.

Author Spotlight Newsletter Submission Form

Interested in seeing what one of our Author Spotlight Newsletters looks like? Click here to view one of our latest editions