Thinking of Selling Books from Your Website? Read This First.
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Thinking of Selling Books from Your Website? Read This First.


Source: Self-Publishing Advice

In this very informative Q&A with author Nate Hoffelder, questions are sent to the author via Twitter about selling both eBooks and print books from an author’s website. For example:

From the original article:
“Q1: Why might authors want to sell books directly via a website rather than through a marketplace such as Amazon?

A1: Money! Amazon and other retailers charge a commission ranging between 30% and 65% of a sale. If an author sells direct, they can reduce that to as low as 3%.”

As this Q&A article illustrates, selling books from your website can be a smart investment in your career. One tactic many authors use is making some of their books available from vendors such as Amazon while selling some of their other books exclusively through their own online store.

While setting up your own online store might sound daunting to do, the pros far outweigh the cons.

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