Three Easy Amazon Book Marketing Tricks

Three Easy Amazon Book Marketing Tricks

Three Easy Amazon Book Marketing Tricks
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Source: Writer’s Digest

It isn’t easy to find ways of marketing your book on Amazon. Writer Rob Eagar offers up three essential Amazon secrets and hacks for authors if you know where to look.

“Amazon keeps a lot of book marketing secrets hidden from the world. If you write and sell books on Amazon, here are 3 secrets every author needs to know.”

These three secrets offer authors other ways to target their audience on Amazon. A good example is if you find sales sluggish on one of your older books, then perhaps it needs a new book description that contains more keywords. Using the right keywords in both your book’s title and book description can have a huge impact on customers finding your book(s) when they search for books similar to yours.

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