Why Authors Should Consider Selling Their Books as NFTs
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Why Authors Should Consider Selling Their Books as NFTs


Source: BookRiot

Most of us have heard of NFTs and the mystery surrounding what they are. Similar to Bitcoin, NFTs are a new technology which isn’t going away. This article does an excellent job of not only explaining what NFTs are but also why authors really need to consider NFTs as part of their products just like eBooks and print books.

From the original article:
“Authors are always looking for intriguing and creative ways to engage their fans with the worlds within their novels, and NFTs are full of possibilities.

For example:

Authors and publishers create special editions of books all the time — editions with a special foreward, or notes from the author strewn through it, or gorgeous illustrations you can’t get anywhere else. But the format and limitlessness of traditional ebooks makes such items a lot less meaningful.

NFTs, with their ability to limit quantities and time periods for a release, and the numbering of each unique copy, could finally make such features special in a digital format, too.”

Any new technology is confusing and daunting at first. NFTs are no exception. But by the end of this article, you’ll have a solid idea of not only what they are but how you can start now to utilize this new market.

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