How to Create an Effective Author Platform
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How to Create an Effective Author Platform

How to Create an Effective Author Platform
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Source: Writer Unboxed

One of the more popular terms thrown around today on various writing-oriented websites is author platform. But what is an author platform exactly? Here’s a good definition from the article:

“Author platform, in its simplest form, is an author’s ability to sell books. What that platform looks like, or how it works, varies from author to author: Some are big names who can attract attention with any book they release, others have figured out how to harness a local or regional fan base to spread word of mouth, and still others know how to use digital media for visibility.”

This article takes a lot of the guess work out of what an author platform is, why it is essential for an author regardless of their level of succcess to have one, and (maybe most importantly) how to create one based on your needs!

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