How To Get Started Publishing Your Books in Foreign Markets
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How To Get Started Publishing Your Books in Foreign Markets


Source: The Creative Penn

If you’re like most authors, you wish you knew how to get your books into foreign markets but don’t know how to get started. In this interview, author Joanna Penn speaks with Nadine Mutas, a paranormal romance author, about many areas pertaining to foreign markets. Everything from translations to which genres are the most popular in foreign markets and much more.

Here’s Nadine on how to pick a translator for your books:

“You want to find a translator that is affordable for you as the author, but also delivers great quality. When you vet him or her, you can see that they deliver consistent quality, that their reviews are good, and that other authors who worked with them say, ‘Yes, they’re awesome.’ He was sort of the Holy Grail, in that he was cheap and he was good.”

Reading this interview can be an eye opener for many authors. While the US and UK are huge eBook markets, Germany, France, and many other countries are close behind and growing.

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