Increase Your Preorder Sales with these 11 Tips

Increase Your Preorder Sales with these 11 Tips


Increase Your Preorder Sales with these 11 Tips

Source: BookBub

Lengthy but great article on steps you can take up to six months in advance of your book coming out to help generate more pre-orders. The tips cover the different time periods leading up to a book’s pre-release along with what steps the author can take to help build awareness and sales of their book before it is even released.

Here’s just one tip which can make a big difference:

From the original article:
“Your author page on retailers and book discovery sites should be up to date. Some sites like BookBub let readers follow an author and get alerts when that author has a new book available, so thread some interesting details about yourself into that bio to encourage more readers to follow you.”

As illustrated in this article, taking the time to plan and execute a preorder plan for your book can make the difference in how successful and profitable your book is.

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