Over 10 Online Sites To Sell Your Books

Over 10 Online Sites To Sell Your Books


Source: Self-Publishing Advice

There are many things to consider when you think about either going wide or putting all your books into Kindle Unlimited. If you’re thinking about going wide, there are many reasons why you should consider it.

From the original article: “Here are some of the top reasons to use an Amazon alternative book sales channels:

Keep more of your profits. Many alternatives give a higher percentage of each sale to the writer.

Build a loyal audience and generate a mailing list. You can leverage the mailing list when you create a new book or promotion.

Sell from your existing channels, like social media and your website.”

There are some good reasons for sticking with Amazon. But there are also some arguments to be made as to why you should, at least, try going wide as illustrated in this article. If you’re still unsure about going wide, maybe try it with a new or future series just to test the waters. You might be surprised at what the results might be.

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