Should You Edit While Writing
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Should You Edit While Writing?

Should You Edit While Writing
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Source: The Writing Cooperative

It is fascinating to see how authors differ in writing techniques. Some can write in a crowded restaurant while others need to have complete silence. There are authors who need to outline a story first while others who can create a story as they write. Others can edit as they write but this article suggests you might want to reconsider doing this.

From the original article:
“The first draft is a rough outline of the story as you see it during the initial writing stage. Many times a story can change as you write which means it won’t be as smooth as you originally planned. But that is okay. The first draft is supposed to be incomplete with loads of potential.

If you focus on editing as you write, you take away so much of that potential.”

Every writer has their writing routine which may or may not be hindering them. This article makes a good case against trying to edit yourself while you’re writing and offers advice on what to do instead.

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