What is Be A Paranormal Romance Writer?

Be A Paranormal Romance Writer is a site dedicated to helping writers in the Paranormal Romance genre at any stage of their career. We do this by providing news, information, and resources to writers in a variety of formats.

We curate content daily from a variety of online sources on the News for Writers page which pertains to all writers regardless of what stage they are at in their career.

Our News from Be A Paranormal Romance Writer Newsletter collects new posts on a weekly basis and delivers them to Inboxes on a weekly basis. These newsletters will also contain news on marketing promotions offered by our sister site, Paranormal Romance Lovers.

So You Want To Be A Paranormal Romance Writer is an inspirational and informative book for new writers, writers with a couple of books already published, or for anyone thinking of finally writing that novel inside their head. Featuring Q&A with 15 best-selling Paranormal Romance authors, So You Want To Be A Paranormal Romance Writer is a must-have resource that will help you navigate the sometimes confusing landscape of writing and publishing your own work.