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What Could Kindle Vella Mean For Your Writing Career


Source: Self Publishing Advice

Kindle Vella is a new program offered by Amazon which allows authors to serialize their books. Even though the article doesn’t do a deep dive into the program, it does provide a snapshot of what it offers writers.

From the original article:
“Kindle Vella, at first just available in the USA, allows authors to cut works up into chunks and bundle those chunks into a series. Each chunk can be between 600 and 5000 words. Readers can then pay a number of “tokens” to read each chunk.”

There are links to other articles in the article which go more in-depth on Kindle Vella. But this read does explain how the Kindle Vella program could be an option for authors looking for a different way to market their work. However, not all stories will work as serialized fiction or “chunks” in the case of Kindle Vella. Be sure to do some research into the program and visit to see if there are any stories in your genre there.

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